WhatsApp and Facebook Leaving BlackBerry 10

As the title goes, it will be a new challenge for BlackBerry owners out there to move on with this recent revelation.

WhatsApp and Facebook Leaving BlackBerry 10

Based from record, BlackBerry is now moving from its very own operating system, and of course, other third party software developers similarly doing the same this time. So for this week, the popular social media Facebook released its recent update to BlackBerry OS app, this update tells that it will effectively kills its native practice and funnels the web version of the company site.

So if users missed to update, previous version of the app will not be responding, in other words stop working till the end of this month. Users don’t get any Hub integration with the said web version of the application.

And also, WhatsApp a Facebook owned application will be shutting down its support to BlackBerry OS till end of this year. BlackBerry asking users for them to express or tweet their discontentment to the said companies, given that BlackBerry’s path forward primarily through of Android, it will be hard to blame these tech giants for pulling back their online resources.

So this will be a bad news for anyone who just recently bought the device like BlackBerry Passport or the Classic.

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