Who Wants A Free Dashcams In Exchange With Your Data?

You want a Dashcam? Here is your chance to own one, Andy Rubin an android inventor will be giving away free dashboard camera.

Dashcams give away

But here’s the catch, you will then received one unit in exchange for some data that Rubin will obtain from you.

So what was really the agenda with this quid pro quo?

Rubin’s plan together with his company and Playground Global will create a first real time map, this is first in the world. And that he will use the dashcam data from you.

According to source, Rubin is exploring on his vision on AI (artificial Intelligence) and integration of the digital connection, the inventor leaving his fans teased about his plans as he only release little information about his upcoming plans.

The given away dashcams will send real time data and could potentially create live version of the popular Google Street View, this includes real time traffic and this is awesome.

Rubin’s dreams of contributing something to future smart device that is connected to cloud, using the algorithms and deep learning data to sense and act on its own.

This vision, in which Rubin described in his recent blog this month, includes security systems at home that turns off automatically when user is not at home and thermostats that automatically adjust temperature based on environment.

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