“Wicked” carriers who killed Phones4u now want to buy company

Phones4u sale

Phones4u sale
In a twist of events that doesn’t look anything like coincidence, the people who helped shut down British phone retailer, Phones4u, are in talks with the company’s owners to buy off parts of the company.

According to our credible source, EE and Vodafone, whose severed ties with Phones4u caused the phone dealer to fall into administration on Monday, are now negotiating to buy some or all of the retail outfit’s business.

Meanwhile, United Kingdom’s second largest mobile phone dealer (and now the number one),¬†Dixons Carphone, has offered to employ about 800 workers who were on Phones4u payroll until the administration incident. Phones4u’s management are reported to have given a green light to the competitor to talk with the employees.

Phones4u was thrown into a business disarray after it’s biggest allies aka UK mobile operators pulled the plugs on them, placing the dealer in a position where it doesn’t have any carrier stock to sell.

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