Windows 10 To Focus On Mobile Feature


Many smartphone device photographers stray from their camera in a fully automatic mode, but instead doing some tricky shooting in which it require gentle nudge in setting up the right direction with little tweaking.

Microsoft now responded this with an important update to its mobile build Windows 10. The smartphone and at the same time tablet operating system gives users a significant feature to its rivals, the manual HDR.

Any Windows 10 Mobile phone users who suffer from blown out highlights or the common poor shadow detail may be pleased to know that they may be able to force the phone camera to HDR mode, an option currently available when camera itself sees fit.

Thankfully, a report posted by, from Microsoft’s Director of Imaging Technology Development, Juha Alakarhu, stated that ‘Force HDR is coming’ soon to all Windows 10 Mobile. This option enables users to decide when HDR mode is used.

This sudden change was in response to most users discovering on automatic HDR mode which engages only in extreme circumstances, and less often than they like.

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