Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update starts rolling out to the HP Elite x3

The HP Elite x3, the latest flagship smartphone to be running on the Windows 10 Mobile platform, has already ben associated with so many date pushbacks and delays so much that we have started to doubt that any date that it set to anything on it can actually be met and when the time for it to get the Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary update came and went more than once, it became hard for customers to consider that there was any other element of truth in the other date that we communicated to you less than three days ago.

Then, we told you that the update would be hitting the smartphone anytime in the coming weeks and although we thought that this would mean another lengthy time frame, customers have already started to get this software roll out to their smartphones.

Asides from just this update being on the device, it also packs along with it the “Double Tap to Wake” feature and introduces the function of a LED indicator when charging. On a last note, the camera problems that the device faced which caused a halting in sales in the US has also been rectified.

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