Windows To Be Open Source by Microsoft

Well the title says it all, this will be the craziest notion the company will make. But I am filled with good future with the company. But I don’t mean this as lark.

Windows To Be Open Source by Microsoft

So let me help you out my personal thoughts with this issue, obviously the platform is somewhat almost dead. And I believed that not just me but many of you out there thinks of what in my sentiment.

But if you don’t believed that it is dead already, it is least mostly irrelevant. What relevant is that the service. And I know the company ( I am talking with Microsoft) knows this issue.

So where do I get my information? The answer is simple. When Microsoft announced in the past that they will be releasing port MS SQL to its Linux platforms, this subtext was very clear for me to say that Microsoft understands that they are on its bottom line that they are fed on services not by any platform. So at this point, the big penny is shrugs off antiquated notion that we only live in Windows only world.

But the truth is that we live in mobile world and no turning back to the past.

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