‘We wrongly underestimated the power of India’

Only a few months ago, the name “Xiaomi” (or simply MI — pronounced “em eye”) would normally sound strange to the ears of any tech enthusiast you find in India. But time has passed, things have changed. India seems to have a new darling, sweetheart Xiaomi. Week after week, the privately-owned Chinese company sells multiple ten thousands of smartphones, and these are usually done in shockingly small time frames.

The Redmi 1s is Xiaomi's weapon of mass destruction in several markets.
The Redmi 1s is Xiaomi’s weapon of mass destruction in several markets.

Now, Xiaomi’s head of operations in India, Manu Jain, who is usually mute during the company’s announcements and other happenings, has for the first time, spoken on Xiaomi products’ demand in the country.

Jain explained how the company he joined few months ago were never expecting to be as successful as this. Hear him:

“Four months back, when we started thinking of entering India, we had no plans, but today we do have. We’re actually considering very, very seriously, setting up our own manufacturing operations here in India.

“This month, we’ll be selling half a million devices, clocking 3 billion rupees in revenue.

“In May, when we were doing our production planning [to enter India], we said, ‘If we sell 10,000 devices a week, we’d have considered it a great success’ … and how wrong we were. Today, we’re selling 100,000 handsets a week.”

Manu Jain TechSparks
The general manager was speaking at TechSparks, an annual program for start-up companies in Bangalore, India. He further commented that his company is still contemplating on whether to offer products through their own dedicated portal or to continue through the Flipkart channel.

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