Xiaomi beats Samsung, Apple and others to become new smartphone champ in China

The day which Apple and Samsung feared is upon us. Xiaomi has become the highest smartphone seller in the country and is ready to take the battle to other countries where it recently set out it’s tents.

The information is from Canalys, a well known tech research and analysis brand that operates in 19 countries.

Xiaomi number 1 China
Xiaomi was said to have taken 14 percent of the Chinese smartphone market during the second quarter of 2014, leaving Samsung, the former number one at second spot with12%.

It took Xiaomi four years of precise concentration to attain these heights but what helped them most was the momentary flash sales which is also known as “hunger games”.

Hunger games includes staging a specific amount (usually a few thousand) of products on sale, leaving “hungry” consumers to scramble for the pieces while eager customers who were left out of the sale will have to wait till the next sales date.

Other phone companies have copied Xiaomi’s scheme and has got it paying off. ZTE recently held one for the three variants of it’s Nubia Z7 smartphone and it really paid off.

Big companies like Samsung and Apple are yet to catch up and the affordability difference between their phones and Xiaomi phones hasn’t helped matters at all.

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