Xiaomi CEO teases the camera quality of upcoming flagship device

The uncertainty that has been surrounding the launch of the latest flagship from the stables of Xiaomi has to be one of the best that we have seen in a while and with the company now claiming that their next smartphone won’t be bearing the Mi 5S moniker that we have been currently leaking, we are now pushed to believe that it would carry a Mi Note 5 naming system instead.

Even though this is on, there has still been leaks that it would go with the former naming system instead.
On social media, the CEO of Xiaomi has released a photo which is supposed to have be taken with the camera in this upcoming smartphone and if what we have seen is anything to go by, it means that the dual camera setup is really paying off and the camera quality would be one to really write home about.

For the record, this picture has been taken with the camera unit that is said to be set at 13MP on the back and going by the way in which dual cameras are set up, that wold be the same n the second one also.
The leaks keep coming, and we would be more than happy to see the actual thing launch soon.

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