Xiaomi cuts prices of Mi 4 and Mi 5 in Indian markets

Mi 5

Phone manufacturers have been known to cut back on the price of their devices for a reason – to finish the stock on ground, to make more sales on it because the sales are poor, to prepare for a new production process, make money off the remaining after generating a good margin of interest, etc. – but the reason behind the cut in the price of some Xiaomi’s devices in the Indian market is neither of these common assumptions.

However, this is poised to give the company a means to reach more pockets and convert more users, especially now that they are riding on the crest of successful campaigns on their other devices too.

The Xiaomi Mi 4 and Mi 5 both got their prices reduced by a total of INR 4000 and INR 2000 in the Indian market. While the former has its price cut set at a permanent value, that of the latter is still set to change as it is just a temporary reduction in value. In the money trading market, these prices are equivalent to a $60 and $30 price reduction respectively.

Currently, the Mi 4 has been reduced to an equivalent price of around $165 while the Mi 5 is bordering on $345. Giving the reason behind the cuts, the company has announced that they are doing this in a bid to significantly mark their second year anniversary, a carnival that would end on the 22nd of July.

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