Xiaomi expanding to India and 9 other countries

Xiaomi has promised it’s not coming only to India, but to 9 other countries outside it’s China home country. The 10 countries include Malaysia, Philippines, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Russia, Turkey, Brazil and Mexico.

Xiaomi is on a target of selling 100 million smartphones in 2014, having sold 18.7 last year and 11 million units in the first quarter of this year alone.

Xiaomi expanding to India and 9 other countries
Yesterday, the company unveiled their new website , MI.com, saying their old website (Xiaomi.com) might be difficult in spelling for some people in other parts of the globe, something they don’t want to be a hindrance during their global takeover that is materializing.

In their lineup, Xiaomi is armed with super cheap Redmi Note and Red Rice. Both phones are sold under $130 in China and will cause quite a storm in any country they might enter.


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