Xiaomi goes all out, overclocks everything on the Mi 5 Extreme

Xiaomi has a current flagship in the market right now that is standing for all what the brand represents, and it is none other than the Mi 5. On a normal day, if you check through the smartphone or run it through any of the benchmark test that we have around, you would find out that the smartphone carries nothing less than a QUALCOMM snapdragon 820 chipset, packs a big 3GB RAM processor and uses a graphics renderer of the type Adreno 530 GPU.

However, for those who wouldn’t like to see the device on just a normal day and what extra speed, the Chinese OEM is planning to launch a new version of the smartphone which would be named Xiaomi Mi 5 Extreme.

For one, the CPU on this one has been increased from 1.8GHz to 2.15GHz and the 3GB RAM has not been improved but its speed has been changed, taking it from the former 1333MHz to a new and improved 1866MHz. for all of these changes that have been effected, they have not done anything to change the 3000mAh battery so bear in mind that the battery would be drained faster than on the normal model of the smartphone.

To buy, you could get yours in colours of either White, Black, Gold or Purple and each unit is priced at $298.5 all except the Black which sells for $306

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