Xiaomi has recorded more than 3 million registrations for the Mi 5s already

When just a couple of days ago, Xiaomi first unveiled the duo of the much expected Mi 5s and the Mi 5s Plus, it was something nice for us to behold and with the kind of grat design that they had featured cupled to the great inner soecs also, it was understandable why people would want to get their hands on a unit as fast as they can.

For this reason, Xiaomi traversed continents and tore a page from Appleā€™s books, opting to commence sales nearly as soon as their announcement was done and this move is already proving to be the right one.

To show us how much the hype is worth around this smartphone, Xiaomi has shared some numbers to show us that the registrations that they have gotten on these smartphones alone have reached and passed the 3 million mark, a very big improvement over the initial 1.8 million registrations that were recorded before the smartphone even went official at all.

Even though there is no money involved in the registrations yet, a number of half this total amount buying on initial purchase would be considered a success for the company also.

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