Xiaomi has sold 10 million Mi-3 smartphones, unveils gold edition

Xiaomi has sold 10 million Mi-3 smartphones, unveils gold editionLike the underrated biblical David, Xiaomi is outweighing it’s competitors in the way that stuns the audience.

Known and taken as an ordinary Chinese phone manufacturer some years back, the company has now worked it’s way towards the top and in 2014, the name “Xiaomi” sends shivers across the very top players of the smartphone industry.

Not many vendors regarded as the very best have reached 20 million smartphone shipments this year but Xiaomi has done that and even better in the first 6 months of this year, and is even gunning to reach 60 million units by the end of this year.

Xiaomi on Friday announced that it has reached a 10 million milestone on the sales of the company’s flagship, the Xiaomi Mi-3. To “celebrate” the achievement, Xiaomi has introduced a gold version of the Mi-3 phone.

But fear not, it’s not exactly a phone made of gold, neither does Xiaomi phones cost an arm and a leg.

Good news is that the normal Mi-3 sells at around $300 so this champagne gold version shouldn’t cost more than $500. And bad news is that the gold Mi-3 is exclusively sold in China.

This is not to say that Xiaomi usually sells to outsiders before. But then a handful of their devices are available in some other Asian countries and the company is looking at how to expand even more.

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