Xiaomi, Huawei, & ZTE Teaming Up On Mobile based Payment Systems

Today’s Android platform was introduced by Near Field Communication last 2010 of December in same update it also include Samsung build Google Nexus S.

Mobile Payment system

NFC a short ranged radio ostensibly designed for short communication range. NFC used to send data at the same time receive data on a distance with just couple of inches, or use another technology on device to facilitate the data transfer (Bluetooth most commonly used today).

The idea might be simple, paring Bluetooth and WIFI connection, by just using PIN codes for today the 3 giant smartphone company unite for one purpose to create a Mobile based payment system. The concept is similar to Apple Pay technology. As we see that numbers of manufacturers dropping down technology from its handsets, like OnePlus in Two, citing it wasn’t being used much.

Building this mobile payment system is not just any other project and it is not a regular order is no small order as there are significant security hurdles that must be overcome. Sooner China will release five big names company in mobile market and we will check if the Mobile payment in china has already reach the world.

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