Xiaomi introduces two new colours to the Redmi Note 4 lineup

​Samsung tested the idea, it paid off, and now Xiaomi doesn’t want to get left out. Some months down the line after the release of its Redmi Note 4 device, the Asian manufacturer has now introduced it to the market in two new colours. 

This move was first seen by Samsung who started to introduce new colours to the Galaxy S7 line-up in order to get people interested in them again, even after spending a considerable amount of time in the market and it did pay off for them.

Prior to the introduction of these new colours, the Redmi Note 4 was only available in colours of grey, silver and gold but with the new black and blue options, users have more than enough to choose from now when they want to get theirs. 

The new colours aren’t as glossy as the Jet black on the iPhone 7 series or the Pink hue on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge device, but it is different and has managed to get the less pricey phablet back into the news.

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