Xiaomi launches new assembly in India

Expansion is one of the rules of business, and Xiaomi understands this well, judging by the latest judgement call that the management of this Asian OEM has just taken. Already, they have an assembly plant in the country of India but in a bid to aid their expansion in this fast growing and highly profitable market, they are looking to start the construction of a new one soon.

Set up in collaboration with Foxconn just like the first one, this one would also be located in the Sri City.
The new unit is already fully operational but being that it just started up, it is not even at full capacity yet. The new assembly centre is spread over 65000 square feet and when it reaches its optimum potential, it is expected that the centre be able to turn out an overall of two million units every quarter.

Doubling the production rate of the company in the country, this is set to make them the fourth to smartphone producer I the country, only behind the likes of Samsung, Micromax and Intex.

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