Xiaomi and Lenovo Brands Nowhere To Be found On Top 5 List

The gaining popular Smartphone maker Xiaomi and Lenovo lost their spots as fight and fourth largest Smartphone makers in the world; this information was according to IDC.

Xiaomi and Lenovo Brands Nowhere To Be found On Top 5 List

IDC research firm found that two companies been pushed out on the list, placed as fifth and fourth place by two not so known Chinese mobile companies, Oppo and Vivo, when looking at shipments over the first quarter of 2016.

This change seems to be surprising, knowing that Lenovo together with Motorola as subsidiary brand, it has also high profile brand around the globe, and Xiaomi at the same time positioned as exciting upstart pushing for company’s big hit in the list.

The combined branding of Lenovo and Motorola placed them from third place to fifth place last 2014 based from on IDC’s charts; Xiaomi, on the other hand fluctuated fourth and fifth during those mentioned years. IDC’s recent stats suggest that both of them were far more than they have seemed to be.

Behind the mentioned spot change, it appears that the major shifts in Chinese market hurt even most successful Smartphone makers.

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