Xiaomi Mi 3 scores again: 20k units bought in 2 seconds

Xiaomi Mi 3 scores again 20k units bought in 2 seconds

Copying Apple is what Xiaomi did, but selling smartphones via online flash sales was invented by Xiaomi, and that has been paying the Chinese phone maker very well. So well it’s even doing better than those it copied from.

Xiaomi Mi 3 sold out announcement
Today witnessed the 6th flash sale featuring the Xiaomi Mi 3 on Indian soil. The platform was Flipkart and the time was 2PM local time. On the count of two seconds, all 20,000 units of  the product offered on sale were pre-ordered by eager customers, who registered in their hundreds of thousands to participate in buying the smartphone.

Xiaomi shipped 11 million smartphones in the first 3 months of 2014
Flash sales are working for Xiaomi, but not just flash sales. The main reason why people rush for Xiaomi phones in the first place is because of their’s affordability. Take a 5″ Full HD Mi 3 with 2GB of RAM and other goods specs selling at just $232 as an example, you can see that Xiaomi is really prepared for business.

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