Xiaomi Mi 3 sells out in a few seconds again, what’s the mojo?

Before the old lady could raise her hand, Flipkart has already announced the sale of 20,000 Xiaomi smartphones yesterday. Such is the success of Xioami phones, nay, Xiaomi Mi 3 in India that other phone makers have become afraid of Xiaomi eating up their market share like bush meat.

Xiaomi Mi 3 on Flipkart
Over 100,000 customers registered for the last flash sale which was held on Tuesday. A greater percentage of the potential users were left in disappointment as Xiaomi, for reasons best known to them, offered only 20,000 units of the Mi 3 smartphone.

The next sale — there’s always a next sale — is scheduled for August 26 and that’s Tuesday next week. Customers are beginning to get weary of the situation. One customer complained that he has been trying unsuccessfully to order a Xiaomi phone starting from day one.

Well, hear this, disappointed customer: Xiaomi has already accepted 75,000 registrations for the August 26th sale so you better be ahead of others this time or you loose out for the fifth time.

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