Xiaomi Mi-4 pictured again, thin bezels noted

Xiaomi might not be Apple or Samsung, but this is one Chinese company that has taken the world by storm with it’s sales numbers that often make heads to turn.

The company is about to unveil the fourth edition generation of their Mi phone, a brand started some a few years ago with little or no notice from the media. Fast-forward to 2014, everything Xiaomi does is in the headlines due to the company’s recent success stories.

Xiaomi Mi-4 pictured again, thin bezels noted
The Xiaomi Mi-4 was pictured looking like a fly iPhone 5s (Xiaomi takes a clue from Apple products in case you don’t know), but above all, the phone has very thin side bezels; So thin they can be compared to the ones on LG’s G3.

Earlier reports suggest that the Mi4 smartphone will be packing a 5-inch display and 16MP main camera but the specs accompanying this live renders hold a different thing altogether — a 13MP camera — and the picture looks like what have been posted before as the Mi-3s.

So, as it looks, it seems Xiaomi has scraped the idea of having an Mi-3s, and instead, decided to called the proposed device the Xiaomi Mi-4 .

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