Xiaomi Mi 4c explodes in the back pocket of user, causes considerable burns

There seems to be a new spirit or force acting in the realm of smartphones these days that is causing them all to catch fire and blow up. It is now like we cannot go with ten news item before we come across one where another device has exploded and no, this time around, it is not the Galaxy Note 7.

The aforementioned device no doubt set the floor for all these explosions to begin and after about three dozen explosions worldwide, there as a recent report of the Galaxy S7 Edge unit exploding in the back pocket of a user and causing burns.

Well, the tables have shifted totally away from Samsung now and it is now on Xiaomi for the explosion of one of their own Mi 4c units in the back pocket of the owner, causing considerable burns and damage to their backside.

This is definitely no ruse because the whole incident was caught on a security camera that so happened to be positioned in that direction and pictures from the aftermath of the accident also showed up from the nearby hospital that the patient was rushed to.

For now, we can only hope that whatever is behind the explosions of these batteries stop because we are scared other smartphones might join the club soon.

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