Xiaomi Mi 5 LTE Experiencing Network Carrier Problem In United States

Xiaomi toke advantage of Mobile World Congress to showcase its latest flagship device in mobile market, the latest flagship device Mi 5 somehow ignites the interest of the mobile market in United States.

Xiaomi Network Carrier Problem in US

But now, we found out that Mi 5 will not work with any SIM provided from the major network carries in United States. So where talking about major carriers here and Xiaomi’s flagship device is having a problem.  Major carries like AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon, these network bands cast doubts on Mi 5’s network compatibility in all of carriers in United States.

So to mentioned, Xiaomi did not officially release its device in U.S. and there’s no exact timeframe of when should it be done, but its fans will find their own ways just to import it.

As to date, we are on the process of gathering information about the possible remedy the company will do in order for it to be useable in United States market. Just keep posted and as long as we found useful update by our source or the company itself we will immediately let everyone know as fast as we could so stay tune.

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