Xiaomi Mi 5s confirmed to be coming with Force Touch, Qualcomm’s SenseID


Although we don’t know what name to believe now, it is expected that Xiaomi would unveil the much anticipated Mi 5s and Mi 5s Plus tomorrow (or whatever they would be called instead) and as close as we are to the release date, the company has not seen it fit to stop teasing us about the latest offerings that we would be getting from them.

This latest teaser does set our minds at rest though because we have been hearing some rumours in the past and this one surely confirms them and gives us another exclusive feature to hold on to.

From the teaser, it has been confirmed that the smartphone would have the QUALCOMM snapdragon Sense ID, an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner that is embedded in the home button of host smartphones. Also, an image that was taken of what is alleged to be the Mi 5s confirms that there would be Force Touch technology on board, similar to what we saw hen the iPhone 6 series would first launch back in September of last year.

With the release set at the 27th of September (tomorrow), there is no telling the amount of last minute leaks that might still be coming our way.

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