Xiaomi MIUI 6 looks good but there is too much Apple inside

Xiaomi MIUI 6 features

Xiaomi has unveiled it’s new user interface, bringing to surface a whole new user experience with a load of features coming through.

Xiaomi MIUI 6 features
Talking of features, the phonebook on the new MIUI is even more powerful, as claimed by Xiaomi. It can identify unknown numbers helping you to fight spam and fraudulent calls et al. Does the phonebook remind you of something?

Xiaomi MIUI 6
A new notification center was bundled in the MIUI 6. You have to admit that it looks brilliant even if Xiaomi didn’t say so. Problem is that it looks too much like the notification center on the iOS 7.

Xiaomi brought a fresh-looking homescreen with the new skin. The icons look flatter now and the themes can be changed and customized.

The new UI brings a other things which you can take time to check out at en.miui.com/function.php

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