Xiaomi ordered to stop selling phones in India

Nemesis seems to have caught up with Xiaomi on it’s adventure to become the world’s highest smartphone vendor “in 5 years” time. The company has to abruptly stop sales of it’s devices in India for the time being following Ericsson’s recent win at an Indian high court which ordered the Chinese device phone maker to stop advertising and and or selling phones in India.

Xiaomi's VP of International -- Hugo Barra
Xiaomi’s VP of International — Hugo Barra

Vice President Hugo Barra, who is saddled with the responsibility of announcing Xiaomi’s quick sales in the country so far, said his company was “forced to suspend sales in India until further notice.” Barra stopped at that, giving no other explanations for the actions.

Meanwhile, in an official statement, the privately-owned start-up Xiaomi said it is “investigating the matter carefully”, “assessing legal options”, while “doing all it can to revert the situation.”

Ericsson is a well-known former tech giant who produced mobile phones with Sony (Sony Ericsson phones) during the advent of phone boom in early 2000’s. The firm has sued Micromax as well as other tech companies in India on patent-related issues over the recent years.

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