Xiaomi Power Banks hit Flipkart at INR 799/5200mAh and INR 999/10400mAh

Xiaomi Power Bank2

Just like it promised, the Chinese smartphone maker has introduced two of it’s standalone phone accessories in India a few weeks after launching the MiPhone 3 smartphone in the South Asian country.

The Mi 5200mAh Power Bank and Mi 10400mAh Power Bank are both availavble via Xiaomi’s Indian partner, Flipkart, at 799 rupees and 999 rupees respectively. However, when we checked, both phones were currently out of stock.

Xiaomi Power Bank2 Xiaomi Power Bank3 Xiaomi Power Bank
The Power Banks, “designed by Texas Instruments is built with safety, efficiency and protection in mind. The USB smart-control and power source are strengthened with nine layers of circuit chipset protection,” the sales page cited.

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