Xiaomi Revealed Its Second Generation Xiaoyi Device

Xiaomi is the first Smartphone manufacturer that is triumphant in the mobile arena. The company was first introduced last 2010, and they managed to be one of the Smartphone placed on top level just last year.

Xiaomi Revealed Its Second Generation Xiaoyi Device

This was a breakthrough achievement by the company, considering that they are just less than 5 years old in the mobile arena. Especially China was the largest market in Smartphone globally.

As being said, Xiaomi Company is not just a mobile manufacturer, but they are also company that develops software, and manufacture other gadgets, like tablet, security technology, air purifiers and etc.

The company introduced Xiaoyi Smart camera that functions as surveillance last 2015, a special camera that was affordable, and this will be manufactured by Chinese facility. So anyhow, were wondering will Xiaomi introduce its next successor, well it just happened.

Recently the company unveiled XIaoyi Small Ants 2 from China. This special camera can capture full HD video which is obviously an improvement over its original model, considering the original was limited only to 720p video. This time the camera ships with 130 degree angle and uses CMOS sensor. You can use it as monitor considering it has special feature called baby crying, that basically alarms if baby starts crying.

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