Xiaomi sold out their 100,000-unit Redmi 1s stock in 4.2 seconds today

Seems the fire is not dieing out anytime soon. Loyal Xiaomi customers have sale after sale, showed their immense hunger for Mi phones.


thank you xiaomi
In India today, the Chinese company placed 100,000 units of their Redmi 1s smartphones on sale at Flipkart. The result? Barely under 5 seconds, 100,000 fingers have clicked to add the product to their shopping carts.

The phones were sold at the price of Rs. 5,999 per unit, so that means Xiaomi grossed about $6 billion rupees, or $9.7 million on that sale alone. But hey, before you black out, these phones are not sold with a big profit margin. Assuming Xiaomi makes $20 per smartphone, that’s $2 million — and it’s not too bad either.

Xiaomi promised to be providing at least 100,000 smartphones in India per week during the span of this month, so expect another round of numbers by this time next week.

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