Xiaomi spent $3.6 million on…guess what?

Immediately after the Easter holiday, the tech space was awash with China-based phone manufacturer Xiaomi who just made a new cool by shortening their Xiaomi.com domain to just two letters — mi.com.

Xiaomi spent $3.6 million on...guess whatMany commended the move. The initiative behind the new domain by the way was to avoid spelling mistakes and typos from international users who might not be quite familiar with the naming pattern of Xiaomi when the company finally goes global as it’s planning.

Did you know how much mi.com cost Xiaomi? It cost them $3.6 million! $3.6 sweet million, baby — that’s how much the bank account of the former registrant of the domain has increased.

Meanwhile, it seems Xiaomi is not only shortening it’s domain but simply getting rid of the “Xiao” in it’s name.

Take for instance MIUI, MI-3, redMI Note, HongMI. With all that, it looks like it’s a matter of time before we see a phone company whose name is MI. But if the guys at Xiaomi knows how much we want the company’s name not to be renamed, they’ll drop the game and focus more on making more sub $130 smartphones.


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