Xiaomi strengthens as Samsung drops even further in China

The current trend of things in the mobile industry shows that Samsung is steadily going downhill and if care is not taken, the Korean phone maker will go down in history like Nokia and BlackBerry.
Galaxy Note 4 vs Xiaomi Mi Note vs iPhone 6 Plus
According to statistics shown by the numbers guys at IDC, Samsung’s market share in China is fast depreciating while the likes of Xiaomi have steadied rapid growth during the same period. In12 months, an unfortunate Samsung lost a whooping 50 % of its market share and fell from number one to fifth position in China’s smartphone market which also happens to be the biggest smartphone market in the world.

Xiaomi’s focus on selling low-cost phones with decent specifications, as well as the hype that it created through its flash sales, helped it to obtain the top position in both 2014Q4 and 2014. Apple had a jump to the second position in 2014Q4 as its iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models were only launched in China in the last quarter of the year. Huawei was ranked third in terms of smartphone shipments  as it had a wide range of models in the low-end and mid-range segment that did well in 2014Q4.  Lenovo finished off as the fourth in 2014Q4 with its strong focus on <US$150 phones while Samsung dropped to the fifth position in 2014Q4 as it faced immense competition from Xiaomi and the other Chinese vendors in the low to mid-end segment of the market.

China Q4 2014 IDC
Xiaomi grew by 150 % to stay at number one position followed by Apple who is now second while having a market share of 7 % with a Y-o-Y growth of 100 percent. The likes of Huawei and Lenovo have also overrun Samsung and if care is not take the Korean phone maker will slip out of the big picture (top five) in a matter of little time.

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