Xiaomi Targets India As its Major Market

Chinese mobile markers like Xiaomi burst in the mobile market last 2014. Of course it captured higher percentage in the mobile market.

Xiaomi Targets India As its Major Market

Thanks to Xiaomi’s cheap prices handsets with Apple inspired designs, the company overall sales have weaken late, So after its first debut, mobile makers producing budget mobile device in the market in its attempt to imitate company’s rapid success, in which these strategies slowed Xiaomi’s overall sales growth last year.

But the overall competition does not depend on company’s growth plans, but it’s about the actual product in the market that every user appreciates.

So speaking at China’s annual parliament meeting, National People’s Congress, in which the Xiaomi’s chairman was one of the delegates, Lei Jun the chief executive revealed about its plan with India as company’s major target this 2016.

This time the company’s focus pointed to Indian market, as to date the company is now in sixth to seventh place in terms of mobile share, so this means that there was a huge improvement, and the company hopes to be on the top 3.

The executive also revealed that Xiaomi has no plans for immediate IPO. And declined to discuss latest records on its Smartphone sales after the target sale that was announced last 2015 was not achieved.

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