Xiaomi teases the Mi 5S in new image, shows off the impressive benchmark score and other added features

As we inch towards the launch of the Xiaomi Mi 5s with each passing day, the company themselves are not slowing down in the rate at which they are teasing the device and keeping us on our feet before we finally see it in all its full glory and in actual flesh.

On that note, they have teased a new image and poster which announces the coming of the smartphone and also shows the number 164,199, said to be the total score that it got when it was taken to the AnTuTu benchmark.

If you take recent news into consideration, there was a leak not so long ago that suggested that the overall score of the 5s on AnTuTu was well over 160,000 so this could be an effort by the company themselves to boast of the capabilities of their smartphone.

The tease image also throws us a question that asks what the device would feature asides from performance and with this, we are expecting that they make rue on rumours that we could be seeing advanced features like a 3D touch sensor and the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor from QUALCOMM.

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