Xiaomi to totally boycott MWC 2017

Xiaomi did themselves in last year, and they would be looking to top all of the success that they had in that timeframe with a lot of good releases this year also. There is, therefore, no doubt that they have started to work on their next big thing which we think is the Mi 6. 

Having already leaked in some pictures, we have also heard some rumours as well as seen benchmark listings on the unit. While we have been expecting that they launch this unit at MWC or earlier, it has been confirmed by a company rep that this would not be the case. In fact, Xiaomi would bone MWC for this year.
The recent departure of the Vice President of the company might be the source of some turmoil, but there could be a positive side to the delay in launch. Looking at the fact that Xiaomi has the likes of the MI note 2 and Mi 5s Plus, they are not lacking flagships to keep the ball rolling. It is therefore understandable if they just want the former units to at least, gather some dust and prove themselves first.

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