Xiaomi’s Mi Band to become “the world’s best selling wristband” — CEO

Xiaomi's Mi Band preview

Xiaomi recently introduced it’s much awaited Xiaomi MiPhone 4 (also known as Xiaomi Mi 4), and with the smartphone came a pleasant surprise — a smart band.

Xiaomi's Mi Band
Though the Xiaomi Mi Band won’t be sold with the Mi 4, the smart band is beginning to sound as appealing as the smartphone device itself. What makes it even more appealing is that it’s priced at only $13.

“The first time I tried Xiaomi’s wristband, I couldn’t put it down,” CEO Lei Jun said. “Once you start using a wristband to unlock your phone, you won’t go back.”

He further added, “I believe this wristband will very soon become the world’s best selling wristband.” Such an ambitious man!

Xiaomi's Mi Band $13
If wishes were horses, his company’s device can wrestle the market share out of of Samsung’s Gear Fit and the likes. But then everything is possible (and still possible) especially as Xiaomi has the upper hand in pricing ($13 vs $90 of the Gear Fit).

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