Xiaomi’s Upcoming Devices Will Feature OLED display

The largest producer of OLED screen display around the world Samsung and LG are now set to expand its range of its OLED markets.


As reported on ETnews, both giant OLED manufactures Samsung and LG started producing their OLED display product for them to expand its industry. At the same time frame, Samsung started its mass manufacturing of their OLED panels design for Laptops, LG on the other hand secured Xiaomi as their first customer in foreign category in the phone industry.

Based on previous reports, HP recently released its newest laptops that sports Samsung latest Display’s OLED Panel product. And both LENOVO and Dell introduced their OLED based panel laptops and monitors, at the same time preparing to officially launch their products in the electronic market.

Currently, the giant company LG were focusing on producing OLED displays exclusively for Smartphone’s that sports 5.0 inches display size or less and their next move will be moving to monitors and laptop displays with a size range of 10-20 inches.

Report also points out that LG’s latest OLED display will also supply Huawei’s Edge display. However on other partner device Xiaomi did not confirm to feature OLED display on their upcoming device.

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  1. Cool bro.
    When LG and Samsung are the best OLED Producer, LG don’t produce much device and had no much sale in a year.

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