YotaPhone to partner up ZTE for YotaPhone 3’s next year release

Yotaphone looks to release the Yotaphone 3 next year, aims at partnership with ZTE and others

YotaPhone is just starting up in the smartphone business but that doesn’t mean that they do not know what it takes to stay fit in this market. Having already launched the YotaPhone and YotaPhone 2 already, the fans of the YotaPhone brand need not wait too long before they get another flagship from this Chinese OEM to play with.

Announcing that they would be launching the device next year, there are also reports that YotaPhone would be teaming up with the guys over at ZTE in the making of this device. This partnership is not exclusive though as there are other reports to suggest that there are other yet unnamed partners who would all chip in, one way or the other, to make the YotaPhone 3 a success.

As it is newly announced, we have no juicy specs to bring to you just yet but with Bloomberg reporting the price to also be around $550 (which is not much change when compared to the YotaPhone 2), we should be expecting the same kind of dual screen technology we have seen on the YotaPhone 2.

Bloomberg also reports that YotaPhone is looking to reach a goal of 1 million unit sales next year and plan to make the most of the Chinese market to achieve half of that value.

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