ZTE Axon Max 7 stuns in new pictures, showcases the premium ZTE design

When ZTE developed, manufactured and released the Axon 7, they did that to a lot of fanfare and a lot of their fans really loved what they were able to do with this one. Hitting that kind of jackpot is rare in the world of smartphones and once you have identified something that makes the fans tick, it is only natural that you follow up with it and start to make plans towards another of such.

That is what they are then planning to do as we have been hearing of a sequel to the Axon 7 for a while now and now, we have been able to see the Axon 7 Max in all of its full glory.

While it follows the Axon 7 in terms of the kind of design and technology that was used, it thus differs in the sense that it carries a much bigger 6 inch of and uses dual camera sensors of 13MP Sony cameras.

Having a fingerprint sensor on board too, we expect the mid-range to be powered by a SD-625 chipset and carries a 4GB of RAM paired with 64GB internal storage space. In all, it has also been leaked that it would cost some CNY 9999, translating to some $1500 which we must admit is rather pricey.

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