ZTE L6 Blade gets its FCC certification

ZTE, the Asian smartphone manufacturer, is strategically planning the release and launch of its latest device which is the ZTE Blade L6. Unlike what we have been used to when a device is set for launch, we are yet to get a nice and heavy leak on this device and as such, we just have to rely on tidbits that we have gotten.

The ZTE Blade L6 device has just recently visited the FCC to get its certification and it came out successful, but not before some specifications had gotten leaked to the market. The device is poised to feature a possible 5 inch of screen and according to FCC itself, there’s a 2200mAh of battery to keep the lights on.

There’s a front facing camera and rear facing camera likewise with the rear coming equipped with is own LED flash. Since the user guide went with it to the FCC, it was possible to discover that the device would come with a microSD slot, even though we don’t know what the internal storage space is.

The device is running on EDGE but is being worked up to 4G LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity. Good news on connectivity is, there’s v4.0 support for the Bluetooth.

Since FCC certification usually means that a device is close to launch, we should have better specs soon.


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