ZTE MF97A is a 4G-enabled mobile hotspot device with Android

ZTE MF97A front

ZTE MF97A front The ZTE MF97A is one special mobile hotspot device we might get to be seeing soon.

By “we”, we don’t mean everybody will be able to buy this. Sprint customers will actually be the first to see this (judging that the device is branded with Sprint logo).

However, the device might still be sold on other carriers and possibly, as standalone, without the strands of a pre-loaded SIM card.

The ZTE MF97A is a device that is coming with a 4-inch display and 800 x 480 landscape display. It runs on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS and has a massive 5000mAh battery.

The ZTE MF97A also doubles as a mobile projector. It comes equipped with a beam that can project images of up to 120 inches.

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