ZTE Nubia planning on a Full Screen smartphone soon

ZTE Nubia planning on a Full Screen smartphone soon

The rave of smartphone manufacturing companies now is reduction of bezels and a full screen display. This however looks to have caught on with several manufacturers and ZTE seems to have caught the bug with the possibility of releasing a full screen smartphone into the market soon.

Jumping on the trending design train, ZTE’s offshoot company, Nubia, has sent out yet another hint which points to the fact that it is in the works for a full screen display device.

The teaser image surfaced online yesterday on China’s biggest social media platform, Weibo, with the teaser showing a star-filled background against the smartphone which features a near bezel-less design.

However, the bottom part of the smartphone in the teaser image is missing which robs us of a clue on whether the device will come with physical home buttons or a total display screen.

The rough mental picture painted however indicates that the top bezel on the device will be grossly limited but seeing as Nubia is new to the bezel-less design, we are excited to see the possibility which will come forth on the teased device.

The launch date of the smartphone however remains unknown, so is the specs expected to be loaded on.


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