ZTE Nubia Z11 going to the US after European launches

ZTE has started a ride on the rollercoaster of smartphones for a while now and till the present time, they are not wishing to get off that ride yet. They started with the ZTE Axon 7 which they launched in the United States and in the midst of tech enthusiasts, the device has been turning heads already.

Now again, they have left the line-up of the Axon and anther line-up, Nubia, is set to take the baton.
Before the IFA 2016 event even started at all, ZTE has made it known that the Nubia Z11 would be launched in Germany, Spain and sometimes in the near future, in Italy too.

What has therefore surprised us is that after taking this tour of Europe, the smartphone would be coming to the United States. The smartphone was announced only for the Chinese market back in the month of June and now that it would be making its way into more markets, it’s good news to hear and might even be a promise for more markets to come.

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