ZTE Prestige goes for $49.99 on Boost Mobile

For its price, the ZTE Prestige smartphone can be referred to as an entry level smartphone at best. If you don’t agree, try searching for the price and seeing some $99.99 might change your mind. However, as cheap as this device already comes at this price, there is an interesting offer for you coming from Boost Mobile which would see a further $50 chalked off this device, taking you to a total price of $49.99.

To be eligible for this offer which would only last as long as the holidays lasts, you would be enjoined to visit any of Boost Mobile’s stores and participate. You can also participate from independent retailers also and the prize can be redeemed nationwide by both new and existing users of Boost Mobile.

To better know what you’re getting at this price, the ZTE Prestige is of a 5 inch screen build which runs on the Android 5.1 Lollipop. It has a rear 5MP camera and a front snapshooter of 2MP for your selfies and front video recording, as well as video calls. There’s 8GB of internal storage memory which can be expanded up to 32GB and 1 GB of RAM CPU which has its processor clocked at a frequency of 1.1GHz.

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