ZTE A Proud Partner Of Joint Innovation Lab

China’s ZTE Corporation is a major provider in terms of international telecommunications and solution provider for consumer technology on Mobile Internet.

ZTE A Proud Partner Of Joint Innovation Lab

Just recently, ZTE announced that the company is a proud partner of China’s Joint Innovation Lab, as one of the few partners in the world, in which it was officially launched during the Global TD-LTE Initiative Summit during the Mobile World Congress.

JIL mission is to draw multiple resources across industry for them to facilitate 4G – 5G network evolution and create virtuous innovation. China Mobile plans to produce opportunities across different industries, those who are potential communications.

A central laboratory will be created in Beijing, and also to  its designated labs in China and its network partners take part in the 5G tests that will be organized by IMT-2020 (5G).

ZTE one of China’s Mobile’s key partners, is committed to cooperate in lab’s activities including promotion of the 4G network evolution, the 5G standardization, of course the infrastructure construction, and the product application development.

The recent partnership with ZTE and JIL will take mobile network on the next level. With the lab creation, Chinese enterprises will have a greater role in the global standardization of 5G.

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