ZTE Small Fresh 4 recieves major price cut in China

If you have been keeping up with news very well, you would be able to recall that sometimes in the July of this year, ZTE launched a smartphone that they named Small Fresh 4 and this one saw a China release in that timeframe. If you must know, the device has rekeyed a price cut in the country and this price cut is not something that you can just push back with a wave of the hand.

The smartphone originally launched for RMB 1090 and it has now been reduced massively to RMB 699, translating to a pull from $165 to $105. Massive, yeah?
As a refresher, the smartphone uses an octa core processor of 1.5GHz chipset and uses 5.2 inches of screen also. The RAM in the device is 2GB while the internal storage space is set at 16GB.

Considering the camera units on this one, the device uses a 13MP rear camera and a 5MP front shooter and to keep the lights on, there is a 2450mAh battery.

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