ZTE’s Latest Mid Range Device Android Projector Making Market Crazy

Getting hold with the future is getting so exited, and today ZTE unveils its intriguing middle range device called the ZTE’s Spro Plus.

ZTE’s Latest Mid Range Device Android Projector Making Market Crazy

So what’s the catch with this new device?  For some this was the craziest mobile projector design that I have seen in my entire life as to date, but I assume similar will follow in the future.

Just recently, ZTE managed to fit a 8.4 inches Android tablet on top of a specially designed projector. You might be think that it sounds like useless, that was actually the most convenient way to access a video content without any other device. So this will be like Lenovo’s Tab Pro, basically an android tablet that has a build in projector.

ZTE stated on that the device spits out 80 inch or 1200 x 800 pixel size of image five feet away from the device to the wall at 500 lumens (it’s a wow!), this seems to be viewable even in bright room but not that great at-least it can be viewed. The device is powered by 12,100 mAh battery powerful enough to view up to Five to Six hours of Full length movies in one charging.

Unfortunately, no price has been set yet with Spro Plus, but company says that the device will be available this summer.

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